EAL 1st Class

Ms. Gallagher

EAL Learning- First Class

Week 3,4 May  2020 

Useful website: 


https://www.twinkl.ie/resources/english-as-an-additional-language-eal/english-as-an-additional-language-eal-translated-resources  (this translates for you so very helpful)

Week 1: Weather

Listening  Weather

*Can recognize and understand all frequently occurring words to do with the weather 



Speaking:  Weather

*Can respond questions about the weather he/she likes .

*Can take part in discussions about the weather in Ireland and about the clothing necessary for different types of weather

*Can  ask and answer questions about types of weather and the effects of weather on lifestyle

*Can compare the weather in Ireland with the weather in other part of the world


 Reading: Weather

    • Can use pictures in a textbook to identify and understand key information about weather (rain, wind, temperature.


  • Can identify  and understand key words in texts relating to the weather and can use them to categorize further information in the text 




  • Writing: Weather


  • Can write simple sentences about the clothes that are necessary for different types of weather
  • Can write  a short text using familiar vocabulary to describe ‘A Perfect Day’ 

Useful website for printable workpages on the weather


Week 2: Travel and Transport

Listening: Travel and Transport

Can recognize and understand all frequently occurring words to do with travel and transport

* Can understand the main points of topics related to travel and transport


*Can understand and recognize all frequently occurring words to do with travel and transport

*Speaking:  Travel and Transport

*Can respond with confidence to questions about how he/she likes to travel

*Can discuss experiences he/she has had travelling

*Can use illustrations in a textbook to discuss for example, similarities and differences between travelling now and travelling in the past


 Reading: Travel and Transport


  • Can read and understand very short and simple texts about travelling and transport
  • Can use key words and pictures to access texts about travelling and transport




Writing: Travel and Transport


  • Can write sentences that describe a familiar journey (from home to school)
  • Can write short texts about different forms of transport




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