Work for Ms. Coyle’s Class 22nd-26th June

Hi everyone, 

Hope you are all well and enjoyed your school tours. Did you learn anything on your visits?  I really can’t believe this is the last week of school. You are almost finished in second class, ten months! 6 and a half months in class and 3 and a half months working from home. Well done to you all! It’s definitely a year we won’t forget. 

This will be the last email for work ideas. This week, I will include some extra ideas that you may wish to use over the summer. As usual please use this as a guide. Don’t feel any pressure to complete everything. 


Jolly Grammar 

If you wish to continue with Jolly Grammar please feel free to do so. 










  • Please use IXL over the summer. It will really help you next year. You can complete any section you like. 

Maths Websites 






Please keep up the great work for your last week. I would love to hear from you in our final week. Feel free to send me anything you have worked on since we finished school. 

Best wishes, 

Ms. E. Coyle


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