Activities for the last week of 1st class

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well. Well done for all your brilliant work over the last few months. It’s been a very strange time, but you’ve done a brilliant job along the way. Thank you!

This is our last week of 1st class, so we have a few ideas of fun activities you can do at home to end the school year. I hope you enjoy them! If you would like to send me any photos, please email me at Keep an eye on our class Twitter @MsClynes1st for photos, links and activities.

We know that for the boys, this may be a tricky time of year while they are thinking about leaving St. Mary’s and going to their new school. We have put together an activity pack which will hopefully help the boys with this transition. Transition to 2nd Class – Boys going to a new school..pdf 

We will be sending a special goodbye message later in the week! ☺️So please keep an eye on your email!Principal Canata's Sunday Message - June 17, 2018 - Northampton ...Here are some ideas for this week:

Language activities:

  • End of School Booklet.pdf 
  • End of the Year.pdf 
  • Can you think of a snack for every letter of the alphabet? Here is a list if you are stuck! See what healthy ones you can eat throughout the week!
  • Play the yes/no game – take it in turns to ask your partner questions – if you say yes or no, you lose that round!
  • Make a card for someone and post it or give it to them. It will brighten up their day!
  • See if you can complete this Summer Reading Bingo card over the holidays



  • Choose any topic on IXL (see if you can do 10 minutes each day!)
  • Try this Maths Scavenger Hunt (indoor and outdoor)
  • When you’re at the beach or park, see what shapes you can make with sand, sticks, leaves etc.


The last topic in the Stay Safe programme is Strangers

Other activities:

Thank you all so much for your amazing work this year, especially while the school was closed. I’ve loved being your teacher and I hope you had a great year. Enjoy the summer holidays and congratulations on finishing 1st class!

From Ms. Clynes

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