Work for Ms Clynes’ Class (8th-12th June)

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for your brilliant work – I know how tough it is to keep working at home so well done!! This week in school would be Active Week so our work will include lots of active activities. If you have Twitter, be sure to follow St Mary’s Sports Week for fun activities and ideas. Please get involved by sharing your own photos and videos!

If you can take photos of something you liked doing this week, please email it to me at Please keep an eye on our class Twitter page @MsClynes1st for useful links and fun activities.

The theme for this week is ‘Active Week’ and our space theme will return again next week. Please feel free to pick and choose based on what suits you. There is no pressure to do everything.

App of the week: Just Dance Now. Download the Just Dance Now app on your phone. Use your phone as a controller. Follow instructions in the app to connect with one other screen (TV / computer / tablet) to play Just Dance for free!

Additional resources and printable worksheets: Click here for resources 

Free Children Playing Clipart Pictures - Clipartix (With images ...

Ideas for work this week:


Phonics: New sound: /ir/ (like in dirt, bird, thirsty)


  • Jolly Phonics p67 – Word Web
  • Think of all the words you could use instead of said and write them into the web.
  • Instead of said.pdf 




  • Read out in the sunshine – make sure you have your suncream on!
  • Draw a picture about one of these books or tell somebody about the story. 
  • Read the non-fiction book Sport Then and Now

Where to find eBooks:



  • Mental Maths p 68-69
  • Go for a walk and try this fun Fairview maths challenge! You don’t have to print, you can access the document through your phone. The Fantastic 1st Class Maths Challenge.pdf 
  • Use IXL to work on your Maths skills:
    • Addition: (D.11, D.12, D.14, D.15, D, 16)
    • Addition Word Problems: (D.10, D.13, D.20)
    • Subtraction: (H.8, H.9, H.12, H.13, H.15, 
    • 2D Shapes: (M.1, M.2, M.3, M.4, N.7)


SESE: Outdoor Challenges for Active Week

FREE! - Outdoor Home Learning Bingo Card (teacher made)


Natural Crafts Tutorials: Great Twig Crafts for Kids | Wind chimes ...

Active Activities:




As you know, just before the school closed, we were doing the Stay Safe programme. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to finish it. This week, please look at Topic 3: Touches (detailed lesson plans available)

Lesson 1: Types of touches 

  • discuss touches (click TR17) the child likes, doesn’t like, and confusing touches
  • Discuss what you can do if someone touches you in a way you don’t like
  • Worksheet 10 – discuss how you could respond to the different scenarios

Lesson 2: Inappropriate touches

  • Identify and name parts of the body
  • Remind your child they should never keep a touch a secret
  • Video: My Body Belongs to Me
  • Recap on the Stay Safe rule: Say no, Get away, Tell an adult you can trust


Other activities:

Remember to exercise, play, read, draw, wash your hands and help out at home! I hope you have a great week and I can’t wait to see some of the lovely things you create.

Ms. Clynes.

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