Extra Ideas Room 2

Dear Parents

Here are a few corrections to add to this week’s work.

Planet Maths pages 30-31 for the length. You can also use this link to download two more length worksheets. https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/roi-n-5524-measuring-length-using-non-standard-and-standard-units-activity-sheet You can just do the first page of this. We are not using rulers to measure. We can use cubes, lollipop sticks, or anything you may have at home. Here is another length worksheet. https://gmcontent.affino.com/AcuCustom/Sitename/DAM/065/CMJI.EW.10.pdf This is from a trusted source and safe to open.

Also here is a link to pictures you can use for the sentence writing. https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/t-l-2412-simple-sentence-writing-prompt-pictures

Here are some more activities for you to do if you wish. You can pick and choose what you wish to do.

Here are the words for this week’s songs and poems.

Bua na Cainte

Mo Theach

Féach ar mo theach, nach deas é,

Féach ar an dian is ar an simleár

Tá na ballaí bán, tá an doras buí,

Cé mhéad fuinneog ann?

A hAon, a Dó a Trí


Simleár Oráiste

Simleár Oráiste, Simleár Buí,

Simleár dearg

A hAon, a dó a Trí


Dhá Éan Bheaga

Dhá Éan Bheaga ina suí ar an gcrann,

Seo é Adam, Seo é Pól,

Imigh uaim a Pheadar, imigh uaim a Phól,

Tar ar ais a Pheadar, tar ar ais a Phól.


Glig, glag, glug

Glig, glag, glug,

Chuaigh luch isteach sa chlog,

Bhuail an chlog, thit an luch,

Glig glag, glug.



STEM Challenges:

Resources List for STEM Challenges: (you do not have to buy these things, just use whatever you have at home)

Lego/Jenga, K’nex

Play Doh



Lollipop sticks

Elastic Bands




Bottle tops

Pipe cleaners


Toilet rolls


Cardboard boxes

Challenge 1: Build an enclosure for your teddies or dolls

Challenge 2: Build a boat that floats

Challenge 3: Build a house of cards

Challenge 4: Make a chain reaction.(you could use roads, bridges and dominoes standing up at the end. Then have a ball or a car that rolls along the road and knocks everything out of the way)

Challenge 5: Make a marble maze (Does not have to be marbles, you could use lego or figurines for this.)

Art:Here are a few nice ideas.

https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/handprint-rainbow If anybody wants to make two hands and colour them in nicely or use coloured paper. You can send to me via email and I will make a nice rainbow of all your hands in my living room.

https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/t2-t-821-april-showers-bring-may-flowers-mindfulness-colouring-page This is connected to poem April showers bring May flowers which can be found here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We0HDSkcDPE

Your child can practise his/her drawing skills with this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SWvlUd2at8

SPHE: Here is a link to a worries worksheet where your child can talk about how they are feeling during this strange time for them. https://www.walkinmyshoes.ie/media/3385/worry-lorry.pdf

P.E: If you are out and about during the day perhaps you would like to do this little nature hunt



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