Work for Ms. Kennedys Class 20th – 24th April

Hello Everybody

I hope you are all keeping well and had a nice Easter break. Here is the learning plan for this coming week (April 20th -24th) and there are some more activities that you can do at home.

Read the story Each, peach, pear plum with your child. It is based on Nursery Rhymes and word that have the same ending. Here is the link to the story:  Your child can draw the characters they have met in the story and cut them out. They can then put the pictures in order of appearance. Remind your child to say First, then, next and ends with to help them to sequence the story. This can be done over a few days at home.

Continue to read whatever school readers you brought home with you and other books you have at home. Here is a link to Here is a link to

Revise sounds oi, ue, er, ar in sounds notebook. Here is a link to you can skip to the appropriate songs and listen on this link.
Tricky Words continue with the list words which are any, many, more, before, other One word per day and build up.
Stick Wordlist 11 into notebook and continue two new words per day keep, sleep, die, for, fork, green, torch, tail, road, weed. Here is a link to This is a booklet you can use to revise tricky words.

Word Families: words with oi, ue, er, ar. Use to work on these with your child. If you have letters at home, they can build these word families or else write them on a whiteboard. Here is a link to click on learn to read, the word families will appear. Here are some worksheets you can use

Your child can tell you their news to put in their news copy. This can be something you did at home or saw while out and about. You write the sentence on a whiteboard or a piece of card and then your child can copy it independently. Remind them to use two frogging legs and a lily pad to steady their pencil and ensue correct letter formation. They can then draw their picture above. If anybody would like to send me a picture of their work via my email, I can correct and give feedback to your child.

Please find link below to some pictures that can be used to write a simple sentence. Eg; the cat is in the box. Give your child a few minutes to look at the picture and decide what words they may need for their sentence. Help your child to write these down and then construct a simple sentence about their picture. This can be done in the news copy. Alternatively, you can use storybooks where your child can pick their favourite page and write a simple sentence based on it.

They can also continue with their handwriting book, one page per day.

There are good letter formation videos on or you can use

You can go to www.edco/bua where there’s a trial. Login is trial and password is trial. This week we will be looking at Sa Bhaile Ceacht 1 -5. You can play these lessons for your child and they can learn the words, phrases and songs.  If you click on the link below it will bring you to the lesson. Please see link below for the words to the songs and rhymes in the lessons.

Continue to revise numbers 1-10 and keep going with the mini maths book.
Topic is length: Use cubes or lego to make towers of different lengths. Use the words, short, long, medium, shorter, longer, shortest, longest. Here is a link to length games you can use. Here is another link to

You can also use these cubes of lego to measure different things in the house. They can measure the side of a table, door, window, a book. This can be any item with a straight edge. Your child can guess how many cubes they think it will take to measure different things and then measure it. If they write down their estimate first and then write what they got and compare the two.

They can then complete pages in their Planet Maths textbook

People who help us:

Watch the following video on people who help us.

Read this story and discuss the role of firefighters with your child.

Here is a link to



Continue with nursery rhymes and songs your child enjoys singing. If you have Spotify or Alexa at home these can help.

If you look up the Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra, there are lots of games to play with instruments.


There are lots of nice ideas on I don’t know what resources you may have at home so you can be creative with this one.

You can use for lots of nice songs and dance videos
Joe Wicks on YouTube is doing a workout each morning.
Perhaps your child could play games and run races outside
There are also some nice yoga videos for children online.



Sound – oi, next tricky word should be 41, any, next two words on Word Box 11: News: Write news in the copy as per instruction in English above.
Writing Book 1 page
Maths Watch the link to the length video above and discuss with your child and then do the activity with the lego cubes

Irish lesson on www.edco/bua Sa Bhaile Ceacht 1

Sound – ue, next tricky word should be 42, many, next two words on Word Box 11:

Write a simple sentence based on a picture
Writing Book 1 page
Maths: fill in one length page in Planet Maths.

Irish lesson on www.edco/bua Sa Bhaile Ceacht 2

Letter sound er, next tricky word, next two words on list 11
Main Writing Book 1 page
SESE: Look at the people who help us video and discuss in relation to todays world. Discuss how important these people are.

Irish lesson on www.edco/bua Sa Bhaile Ceacht 3

Letter sound ar, next tricky word, next two words on list 11
Main writing Book 1 page
Fill in the next length page in Planet Maths

Irish lesson on www.edco/bua Sa Bhaile Ceacht 4

SESE: Focus on firefighters. Watch the link above for Charlie the Firefighter story. See the link above for the gardakids corner for some nice colouring activity pages you can do.

Letter sounds – revise oi – ar, next tricky word, next two words on list 11
Main writing Book next page.

Write another simple sentence about a picture.

Irish lesson on www.edco/bua Sa Bhaile Ceacht 5

You can do any other activities listed at your own convenience. Have fun and see you all back at school soon.

If you have any questions at all, or if you want to send a photo of your child’s work, you can email me at

Ms. Kennedy

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