Room 3 work for week 22nd-26th June

Home learning plan 22th – 26th June





News copy:

Draw a picture of your news or something you did at the weekend. Write a sentence to go along with it in your news copy


Revision of actions, sound and song for the sounds we have already covered.

Go on a scavenger hunt around the house/garden and look for things that have the sound in them. See how many you can find for each sound! Write out a second set of sounds and play snap with your child, instead of saying snap when there’s a pair, say the sound)


Revise all sounds and continue the dictation game using the word boxes. Ask someone to call out a word and you have to write it down.

Phonics – Workbook pages 42 and 43 revising sounds and tricky words.


Move onto your next letter in your handwriting book – x P.60-P.61

Below you will find a video showing how to form the letter correctly.

You can practise writing the letters with whatever materials you have in your home




Tricky words:

Tricky word game ideas:

  1. Tricky word hunt around house
  2. Tricky word snap
  3. Tricky word bingo
  4. Tricky word search in story books
  5. Writing of tricky words in chalk/marker/paint etc



Practice writing your tricky words using rainbow colours.

Use the dice to decide on a different colour each time

Tricky word song:






Continue to practice word boxes and blending when reading books with them.

Watch and read the picture book ‘I See Summer’ by Charles Ghigna

Write a sentence to tell me what you can see in the summer time. E.g. ‘There is a _____.’ or ‘I see a ____.’






Our story this week is ‘The Rainbow Fish’ By Marcus Pfister

Can you retell the story in your own words?

What happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Can you draw your favourite character from the story?






You can

  1. go to –
  2. select the file which suits your computer PC or MAC
  3. Select your class level and click on it to start a download of the file.
  4. Once the download has completed, click on the file to install and follow the on screen instructions
  5. A Bua na Cainte icon will appear on your desktop. Once you select this icon a login page will open where you will need to enter the details below.
  6. Login: trial

Password: trial

This week we will be looking at Bia – Ceacht 1-4. You can play these lessons for your child and they can learn the words, phrases and songs.



Number work and counting:    1-10

Create your own number line:


Move your marker game:

Use the number line attached and a counter/cube.

Give your child instructions to cover a given number,

“Put your counter on the number that comes just before/after”or on any number bigger/ smaller than….etc.



The Secret number game:

Write a number between 0-10 on a whiteboard or a piece of paper and give your child some clues for them to guess your number.

For example, “my number comes before

the number 5/after the number 3” Encourage the children to try and count silently in their head to work it out.

Some games:

Counting song:

Number Formation:

Continue to practice formation of numbers 1-5. Use lots of different materials crayons, markers, chalk etc. to do this.


Practice counting forwards and backwards to 10. Clap and Tap: the children clap as they count forwards and tap their knees as they count backwards. Can they count forwards/backwards from a given number? For example, clap forwards from 5/ tap backwards from 3 etc.





Continue practicing adding numbers within five, using lego blocks, toys etc to help the children visualize it. Encourage your child to write this down as a sum. Collect 5 objects from around the house. What kind of material are the objects made from? How could we sort these objects into 2 smaller sets? How many objects in each set? Are there still 5 objects altogether? What does this tell us about the number 5? Is there another way we can make the number 5? Can you show me with these objects?


Our Favourite Sea creatures Look at the survey on Seesaw and decide which sea creature is your favourite? Why is this sea creature your favourite? Complete the survey to collect data and find out which is the most/least popular sea creature in your house. How many people picked crabs as their favourite? How many people picked sharks as their favourite?







Look at the materials powerpoint attached.

In our story this week, ‘The Rainbow Fish’ had some shiny scales

Can you think of any else that is shiny?

Have a look around the house and garden and see if you can find any shiny objects.

What materials are they made from?


Complete the worksheet below:





This week we are going to continue learning about Water Safety. So what I would like you to do is to click on this link below and read this book which will teach you how to be safe around water. The book will take a minute or two to load as it is a big file to open up so don’t be worried if it doesn’t open up straight away. You might need one of your parents to read this story with you as there are a lot of big words in this book.




Dabbledoo music has offered free access to parents and teachers for the rest of the school year. Just click on the link to sign up and then start using the 4 week music plan:

DabbledooMusic Parents’ Course

Junior + Senior Infants – 4 Week Plan


Try this fish action song:



For art this week we are going to create our own rainbow fish using paper plates, paint and other materials.


Under the sea Just Dance activity:



Additional activities:

  • Junk art – Create something using recycled materials you can find around the house.
  • Complete some exercise using Go Noodle.
  • Make a Jigsaw.
  • Do some extra cutting or colouring
  • Pick a book to read from the Oxford Owl website.


If you have any questions at all, or if you want to send a photo of your child’s work, you can email me at

Ms. Farrell





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