Room 5 Work from Home Week Commencing the 25th of May 2020

Hello everyone,

It was lovely to chat with you all again this week and most importantly to hear that you and your families are safe and well.

Please know that there is absolutely no pressure to complete all of the work outlined below. The work below is a guide to what would have been covered in class if your child were at school. Please do whatever fits best into your family and home routine.

Thank you for all the lovely photos that have been e-mailed in showing all the fun you’ve been having at home 😊 You all seem to have grown since the last time I saw you!

This week is Maths week! The maths topic for the week is money!


Maths Week

Theme: Money

Just in case you didn’t get a chance to fill out the Zoom Ahead with Books survey. Here is the link again. Your feedback is truly appreciated.


If you would prefer to print work rather than completing screen-based work. Pick and choose what you would like to do from this folder.






  • “ar” sound

Word family: New word family “ar” e.g. car, bar, far, dart

  • Revision of word families covered so far.
  • How many ‘ar’ words can you write in a minute? (work from the back of your Zoom Ahead copy)

Dictations: (Words to practise spelling): cart, start, jar, park, car, smart, sharp, march, card, part

Alphabet: A song to help revise the alphabet and letter names:

Tricky words: Revision

It would be a good idea at this point to mark the tricky words that your child is certain of and pick two or three words that your child has not yet learned fully to focus on each week. Try finding these words in pieces of writing that you have at home e.g. books, instruction manuals, newspapers and pamphlets that come through the post.

Some helpful songs for tricky word revision


Can you write a sentence about this picture on a piece of paper?


  • What do you think is sold in each of these shops?
  • If you could open a shop what would you sell?
  • Where would your shop be? Why?
  • Write your news/free writing.


Capital Letters: Revise V, I, L– Practice writing these letters using different materials chalk, crayon, marker pens, with water on the pavement outside, in sand, in a bowl of rice etc.  Can you think of anyone’s name in our class that starts with these letters?


(There is a short description of what is happening in the video underneath the video. Most of the phrases in the video are repeated to help teach everyday phrases to children. It is perfectly normal for your child not to understand everything that is said. While they are watching the videos it is hoped that they primarily enjoy engaging with Irish and understand the general idea of what is going on).



Number work: Numbers and Counting up to 20: D3, D4

Measurement: Money: S1-S5

*If you have completed these sections already please feel free to work on other sections of ixl.

Topic: Measures- Money

  • Counting games e.g. Don’t say 10.
  • Writing numbers (1-10)
  • Set up a play shop by putting price tags on some of the items in your house e.g. toys, empty containers from the recycling bin)


  • Give a grandparent a call and see how your grandparents are and what they have bee up to 😊



Artist of the Week: Kandinsky

This week we are looking at the work of Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky used lots of circles in his paintings, bold outlines and lots of bright colours!1. Try tracing around the coins you have collected this week to create a picture like this one!

2.While on one of your walks this week collect some flat rocks and paint circles on them like the ones in the picture 😊

3. Try creating rubbings of coins by placing some coins underneath a piece of paper and rub a crayon across the top!




If you have any questions or would like to forward pictures of activities your child has been working on, please feel free to contact me at  .

As always, stay safe 😊

A. Mc Entegart.


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