Room 7 Work for 22nd-26th June

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. It was great to have a quick chat with you while you were collecting your children’s belongings.

It is hard to believe it’s the last week of senior infants, well done to all of you and your families for doing your best at home for the past few months. You have all done great!

We will continue to focus on getting outdoors and being active for this last week.



As always, there is no pressure to complete all of the work outlined below. If you would prefer to print work rather than completing screen-based work, please pick and choose what you would like to do from this folder.



Virtual School Tour

Lots of you had fun on last week’s virtual school tour to the Aquarium so, this week we are going to Dublin zoo!

Look at the virtual giraffe enclosure. Do you think a giraffe would be a good pet?




Sign up and create a username and password (this is free).

  • Book 1: Greedy Tiger



  • Book 2: Animal Magic



Identify tricky words, draw your favourite part of one of the stories in your Zoom Ahead copy.


Sounds: Please revise sounds covered over the last few weeks.

Dictations: (Here is a mixture of words to practice spelling): boy, oil, good, hook, cart, start, cake, cook, sit, windy.

(Try spelling these words with letter names, if your child is ready)

Alphabet: A song to help revise the alphabet and letter names:

Tricky words: Revision

Please continue to revise all tricky words. Make a list of the words that your child is continuing to learn and find them in your home environment e.g. books, instruction manuals, newspapers and pamphlets that come through the post.

Here is a fun game to help revise the tricky words:




Can you write a sentence about this picture on a piece of paper?



  • What can you see in this picture?
  • Create a list of items you would need for a picnic. (You could even use this list to have a little picnic in your garden/park)
  • Write your news/free writing.


Capital Letters: Revise N,U,J– Practice writing these letters using different materials chalk, crayon, marker pens, with water on the pavement outside, in sand, in a bowl of rice etc. Can you think of anyone’s name in our class that starts with these letters?






Number work:

Many of you have completed lots of the number work on ixl. Please complete a section of your choice that you have left.

Measurement: 3D Shapes: U7-U10

*Some of you have completed these sections already, please feel free to work on other sections of ixl.

  • What 3D shapes can you find in your cupboard?
  • Which shapes are good for stacking?
  • Revise writing the numbers 1-10 using different materials.


Sun safety

  • Can you brainstorm all the ways we can stay safe when in the sun? Watch this video and see if you came up with similar ideas!






  • Can you create a symmetrical heart, by painting then folding a heart down the middle?

  • Try making this cool butterfly using materials that you have at home
  • Try singing this ‘Summer Song” and joining in with the actions!




  • Stay Safe programme


Topic 5: Strangers

Lesson 1: Strangers (p.63)

Stay Safe resources (Each lesson lists corresponding resources which are all available at this link)




  • Try playing Simon Says using warm up activities such as skipping or running on the spot.
  • Here are a number of fun playground games


  • Cosmic kids yoga


  • Go Noodle


  • Joe Wicks PE videos on YouTube kids



It would be great to hear from you in the last week, if you would like to send pictures of anything your child has been working on, please forward them to me at 😊

Stay safe and have a lovely summer! 😊

S. Dwyer

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