Hello from Room 9 – Work for week 30/03/20

26th March 2020

Hello All My Lovely 3rd Class Cailíní,
I hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well. I know it’s hard being at home during this Covid-19 time but please God we will all be back in school in the near future. I am missing you and the fun and laughs that we share and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

As nice as it is to be off from school I’d imagine a lot of you are getting quite bored and missing your friends. Below is a list of suggested work for next week Monday 30th March 2020 that will keep you busy. Remember it is important to keep up your school work. I’m not saying you have to do all of it, do what you are able to do, a little is better than none at all! Perhaps try to spend 1 – 2 hours each day doing some of these activities, so for example you could do English for 20/30mins and then change to Maths for 20/30 mins etc. And remember to always try your best!

Reading: My Read at Home p.93, p.94, p.95, p.96
Spellings: Learn list 26 ie for ee sound
English: Let’s Talk Literacy p.30, p.31, p.34, p.36
Maths: Ch.19 Symmetry p.91 and p.92
Tables -8 and ÷8
Master Your Maths p.54 and p.55
Gaeilge: Bua na Cainte 3 – Éadaí p.97 Read and complete the sentences in your Irish copies. p. 98 An Luchóg – write the poem in your Irish copy and draw and label 1. An bhó 2. An luchóg 3. An claí 4. An moncaí
SESE: Earthlinks Read ‘Communities’ and do the exercises on p.14 and p.15. Read ‘On the Outside: Skin and Hair’ and do the exercises on p.33

You are all so helpful to me in class and I hope you are being helpful at home too, tidying up, helping to prepare meals, calling up grandparents for a chat, maybe drawing them a picture or writing them a poem to cheer them up!

Remember too that you can be practising your IXL, be sure to be in the Third Class section! Hit the Button is also a good game that you could use to help you improve your tables and maths in general. The Daily 10 is a good maths game too, both of these can be found on the Topmarks website.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter and I will be in touch on Fri 10th April with another week’s work.
Take care.
Ms Mc Auley


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