Room 9 – Work for Week Beginning 25/05/20

22nd May 2020

Hi There My Little 3rd Class Warriors,

I hope this email finds you and your families safe and well. So another week is over and you will have heard that some of the restrictions we have been living under during Covid-19 have started to be lifted. For e.g. Woodies, the DIY (do it yourself) stores have reopened and even some Drive-thru Mc Donald’s have reopened. But did you see the queues? I think I can wait a bit longer for a Big Mac 🙂

We are very lucky with the weather at the moment and I hope you are getting out in the sunshine and enjoying it. Thank you for the emails that I have received. It is really lovely to hear from you and what you are getting up to. I have even heard that some of you have been using the free An Post Covid-19 postcards to write to each other (they are available from your local post-office) what a good idea!

Below is a list of suggested work for next week Monday 25th May 2020. Remember doing a little is better than doing nothing at all. Just try your best! Don’t forget to break it up, try doing English for 20/30mins and then change to Maths for 20/30 mins etc.

Reading: My Read at Home p.117, p.118, p.119, p.120 (Congratulations you have finished this book!)

Spellings: Learn list 32 ure (Why not test yourself at the end of the week to see how you got on?)

English: Let’s Talk Literacy p.67, p.69, p.70

Maths: Matamagic 3, Chapter 26 Division 5 (Without and with remainders) p.121 and p.122. Tables x or ÷ (You choose which one you think you need to practise and test yourself). Master Your Maths, Week 25 Test p.90

Gaeilge: Bua na Cainte 3 – An Teilifís p.129 Write out the counties in Cúige Uladh (Ulster) in both English and Irish. Read and then write out the poem An Fathach Fíochmhar (The Fierce Giant) p.131 into your Irish copy and draw a picture of the fathach.

SESE: Earthlinks – You choose! Read Chapter 38 ‘My Family and Friends’ p.88 and do the exercises on p.88 OR Read Chapter 39 ‘Romulus and Remus’ p.90 and make up 5 of your own questions and answer them. Write the questions and answers in your copy.

Have a lovely week girls and remember to be good, help out at home and to contact your grandparents! Don’t forget you can email me if you like. I’d love to hear from you!

Best wishes.
Ms Mc Auley

P.S Emma our GAA coach in school has very kindly put together a few videos showing GAA drills you can practise at home. You can access the videos here:
Football skills:
Hurling/ camogie skills:

P.P.S With the weather being so good and the Covid-19 restrictions being eased people have started to go swimming in the sea again. It is important that we practise good water safety when we go swimming. Water Safety Ireland has produced a wonderful resource so that you can learn all about keeping safe in the water. Can you become a PAWS HERO? Find more information here:


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