Special Delivery in Room 12

On Monday morning there was a very special delivery to 3rd class. Seven chick eggs had been delivered by a farmer, all the way from Kilkenny. We are now going to look after the eggs until they hatch. This project is helping us lo learn about the life cycle of a Hen.

At the minute the eggs are in an incubator to keep them warm however once they are born we will be moving them into a comfortable brooder box.

We are so excited to see the first chick, let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.

Day One

We are learning about the life cycle of chicks. Firstly, Ms. Coyle told us about the incubator. She reminded us that it had to be plugged in at all times. We also have a brooder box which has bedding, water and seeds for the chicks to eat. Inside the breeder box we can see a heater. If the chick is red, grey, or black it’s female. If its yelloow, grey or black with a dot of white it’s male. 

Here are some pictures.

By Lily N. 





Meet Chirpy

Day Two

This morning one of the seven eggs had hatched! The chick was wet and didn’t look as fluffy as chicks usually look. We waited a few hours and then  Mr. Healy put him in the brooder box. We knew he was male because he was yellow. Some people tapped on the glass and he responded by walking towards the glass. In my opinion he is an adorable little chick. Here’s a picture.

By Lena



Day Three

We walked in this morning and six eggs had hatched. Two were in the incubator and four were in the brooder box. We didn’t see any of them hatch but Ms. Coyle got a video of one egg hatching. It was born at half past eight. It was black. They were all so cute! They were very quiet to begin but later they were very loud. Later, Mr. Healy came in and put them in the brooder box. 

By Hayden




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