Sports Week At Home!



As we near the end of the final term, we all know that our annual Sports Day is a day that many children, parents and teachers look forward to. Sadly, this year none of us, especially the children, will get to enjoy this special day as we know it. So we want to provide everyone with the opportunity to bring the fun and excitement of sports day to your homes!

We are delighted to announce the launch of St Mary’s Sports Week at Home 2020 which will run from Sunday June 7th until Saturday June 13th.

At any time during this week you can organise fun and challenging activities and experience the fun and excitement of our school sports day at home! We may not be able to share some of this fun with our friends but we can certainly get our families involved!

Sports Week at Home can be spread out over the week, several days or you can pick one dedicated day, it’s up to you and whatever works best for your family.

Below is a list of activities to choose from, some music to add to the fun and some suggestions of things you may need. Again, pick what works for your family and situation but the most important part is to have fun together, get outside and be active!!


Music has always played a big part of our Sports day. From background music to Musical Chairs for the younger classes to our annual dance off and everything in between! Enjoy the music during your activities or have a fun kitchen disco, it’s up to you! 

Click here for a Sports Day Playlist


Obviously you won’t have all the sports equipment and resources that we have in school but there are lots of things from around your house that you can use. You may need to be a bit creative but that will just add to the fun! 

You may not have beanbags but you can use rolled up socks instead! Cut out and colour place markers from cereal boxes, use skipping ropes to mark our circles, empty bottles instead of skittles, tin cans, toys, the opportunity for creativity is endless here! 

The Sports week activities listed are based on developing children’s physical literacy through fundamental movement skills. These are the kinds of activities we work on every week in school!

Each underlined link will bring you a different set of activities. There is an explanation sheet and a short video of each activity. 

There are three activities suggested, activity 1 is aimed at the junior classes, activity 2 at the middle classes and activity 3 for the senior classes. Although again, choose whichever ones you and your family will find most enjoyable!

1: Running    2: Kicking     3: Throwing     4: Landing

       5: Balancing            6: Traditional Sports Day Games

Of course there is always the opportunity to come up with your own games and activities, once you’re having an active and fun time! And don’t forget that a few treats and sweets will be well earned after all that action so make a special day of it and have something nice to celebrate with afterwards. 

The School has a new twitter account for all things Sports. Please check in throughout the week to see some additional activities and please share your pictures and videos. 

Make sure to take pictures and share them to our twitter page:

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