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Hope all is well. Again, if you have any questions or problems, please email me at Please send any pictures or work to me if you like.




3rd class – Mathemagic 3, Weight.

  • 157 – 160 (excluding P.159)
  • 157 – Answer all questions in your copybook.
  • 158 – Q.1 is a practical question. Complete the table in your copybook in Q2.
  • 159. You can SKIP this page!
  • 160 – Do all of this page in your copybook.
  • Have a look a look at the 4th class work if this is too easy for you.
  • You can access this on CJ if you don’t have your book.


4th class – Mathemagic 4, Weight.

  • 120, P.122, P.124 and P.125 (to be done in your copybooks.)
  • 120 – Do all of this page in your copybooks.
  • 121 – Skip this page.
  • 123 – Do all of this page in your copybooks.
  • 124 – Do all of this page in your copybooks
  • 125 – Do all of the word problems in your copybooks
  • You can access this on CJ if you don’t have your book.


  • You can also do a week in your Master your Maths if you collected your book in school and even do the Friday test! Available online to CJ Fallon.
  • Below are additional Maths links for fun games to play.


Maths Links:


3rd and 4th class –  Starlight.

We are going to do a new online book, Starlight. Go to and register as a teacher. Click on “Starlight” and go down to the bottom of the page to “check the books and digital resources today”. Click on 4th and go “student book” and go to page 6.


  • 6 – 11
  • 6 – 8. Read “the Race to Space”
  • 9 – Answer questions “B” and “C” in your copybook.
  • 10 – Write answers only in your copybook in D and E.
  • 11 – Skip F and write a recount in G.




English Links:


3rd and 4th class –  Bua Na Cainte 4 (Both books).

Sa bhaile – Aonad 3, Ceacht 1 – 3.
You can access Bua Na Cainte online by going to and then go to Bua na Cainte. Username is primaryedcobooks and password is edco2020.

  • Leabhar mór (big book) – P.163 – 165.
  • 163 – Look at “TV guide” and answer questions in copy.
  • 164 – Read Conversations and answer questions orally.
  • 165 – Just read the story “Ag an Deireadh Seachtaine”
  • Leabhar beag (smaller book) – P.49. Answer in the workbook.
  • Don’t worry if children can’t answer some of the questions, some are difficult. I understand that not all parents have much knowledge of Irish and you may have difficulties helping your child, just encourage your child do to what they can.

Gaeilge Links:

History, Geography, Science

3rd and 4th class –  Earthlink 4. (Not available online)

  • Our world, Our responsibility – P.106 – 107. Answer questions on P.107 orally.
  • The Race is on (you should be familiar with this!) – P.116 – 117. Answer questions orally on P.117.
  • Tanzania 2 – P.118 – 119. Answer questions in your copybooks on P.119.


Other activities:

  • Watch School TV on RTE2, between 11-12.
  • Help your parents cook or clean once day.


Just to say again that this is to help guide you and your child and you shouldn’t feel the need to complete the above work if doing so creates stress in the house.
Hope you are all in good spirits




Mark Staunton

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